Ronny Edry is an Israeli Graphic Designer. In the TED Talk which inspired this book design, Edry walks the viewers through a project he started on social media, intended for communication between Israeli's and Iranians, who, because of complicated politics, cannot just pick up the phone and reach the other end. It all started with a poster Edry designed and posted on Facebook which said, "Iranians we will never bomb your country we love you". When he realized that it was reaching people "on the other side", he asked people to submit their own photos and messages, which he would then turn into digital posters, and put them online. People became so involved that Edry had to gather a team of designers to continue this project. 
This eventually turned into a huge movement on middle eastern social media.  With the help of powerful graphic design, people were able to send messages they otherwise would have never been able to communicate.
I was very inspired by this story because of the message of Edry's project and because it shows the power of graphic design. The text in the book is from Edry's TED Talk, and the color and font choices were inspired by Edry's original project. 

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