Design Challenge: Create a website for an object that costs up to $1.00 and can be divided into at least five categories. 
Concept: Picking an object that costs one dollar and has many categories is harder than you'd think! My mind automatically jumped to the Dollar Store, but I knew I wanted to do something unique and felt like using a product I like would make this project more enjoyable. I was thinking of something that is priced by weight, and can be purchased based on size perhaps. That's how I got the idea of using crystals. I found in research that crystals can be purchased online by weight. I was excited to decide how I would categorize the stones and crystals (color, shape, weight, origin, porousness, powers, etc.) I also was excited to learn more about them and design the website as an educational space as well as retail. 
Process: Taking my inspiration from shopping sites, I created this website in Adobe XD that was clean and very easy to navigate. A user can choose to view crystals alphabetically, or based on their color, their associated power, their chakra, their size, and/or price. This website is accessible and educational for beginners to experts as each category’s importance is explained, and each crystal has a caption highlighting its’ attributes.
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