The International Programs Office at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth supports students in their study abroad endeavors. To promote the office and to encourage study abroad, I designed these stickers to be given out to students at fairs and when they visit the office.
Before deciding on the final three stickers, I designed and presented multiple options:
Study Abroad Scholarship Information Brochure
Another fun project I did for the International Programs Office, was designing the Study Abroad Scholarship Information Brochure. This brochure consisted of a lot of text and needed to be quickly readable. I chose Freight Sans for the font of the body text because of its' large x-height which would allow me to use a small point size and still have it be legible. The blue and gold I used in this brochure are UMass Dartmouth's school colors. I designed the illustrations used in the brochure as stickers originally,  but found it was fitting for use in other areas such as this brochure. 

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