Design Challenge: Make a zine. 
Process: This was a final project in university, and I wanted to make it personal, but useful to others. As someone who loves to travel alone, I have made a large circle of friends who do as well. 
This zine, or book really, was designed to to a guide and resource for the young solo traveler.
What's inside:
Tips and tricks
     - Sent out questionnaire on Facebook to network of young solo explorers
     - Included answers in the beginning of the book - which were full of tips and tricks
     - Useful apps and websites
     - Things to consider when deciding where to go
Plan your trip
     - Space for map
     - Timeline blank pages
     - Safety - thought starters to search before going
     - Index cards for personal info (“emergency care kit”)
     - Packing list
     - Things to collect
     - Passport sized - including a pocket for tickets
     - Imagery: common and unique travel destinations
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