Design Challenge: Make a zine. 
Process: This was a final project for a class, and I wanted to make it personal, but useful to others. As someone who loves to travel alone, I have made a large circle of friends who do as well. ​​​​​​​
I started this zine by interviewing friends for tips on traveling alone and included their testimonies at the start. This quickly turned into more of a resourceful handbook and there are interactive pages for the user to fill out, and there are many tips that are helpful for planning the trip as well as for what to do while on the trip.
I used images of famous spots that would be recognizable to the masses as places to visit and I used passport pages as inspiration for a color pallet. The “cover” is also a pocket large enough to fit a plane ticket and passport, with the hope that the user could easily travel around with this pocket size handbook.
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