This collection is a big one for Ebags, as it's the first collection with a hardside luggage set. It is all about versatility, adaptability, and individuality.
In concepting for this product launch, I wanted to show how the collection would fit well into the lives of the target audience - young professionals. I also wanted to make sure we highlight the many "wow factors" of the collection, such as the backpack that unzips to become two smaller backpacks. We hired a videographer to help tell this story and round out the campaign. I came up with the strategy of shooting what would look like a young professionals weekend away. I was inspired by my own life at the latter half of covid - going to airbnb's to catch up with my busy friends. On the day of the photoshoot, my role was to art direct from the perspective of the digital strategy in launching this collection. 
I styled the models, paired them with their product, and positioned them in ways that would help tell the story while full-filling the needs of our shot list. I also made sure the photographer was getting images that would work for the spots they were going to live on site, email, and social. 

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